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In-home breastfeeding assessment with a board certified consultant

Kathy Thomas, BA, BSN, RNC-OB, IBCLC-RLC

Our Breastfeeding Care Packages for Moms

Focus on Feeding Package

Whether you are needing help getting acclimated to home after having a newborn that is breastfeeding or you have one of the problems listed below,

 we are experienced Lactation Consultants and OB Nurses that can help you relax and enjoy your baby. 

This package includes ONE in-home consultation with TWO follow-up calls, texts or emails. We are experts in our field and will be able to help you with any of the following and develop a plan of care for you and your baby.


- Breast and nipple pain

- Breast Surgeries

- Tongue and lip tie

- Breast milk volume 

- Position and latch

- Suck/swallow

- Poor weight gain

- Pumping Info and Returning To Work

Cost: $125 for your first visit and $90 for all visits thereafter.

Welcome Home Package

There is no greater joy than bringing home a tiny little one, 

but it can also be a little intimidating at times. 

Indy Lactation Care can help make the transition easier for the entire family.

This package is a great gift or an awesome treat for yourself. THREE visits include the following:

- Medical history of both mom and baby

- Visual and physical assessment of mother's breasts and anatomy that could impact breastfeeding

- Evaluation of baby's oral development, anatomy and suckling ability

- Latching and positioning 

- Before and after feeding weights

- Use of bottles or pacifiers

- Normal newborn behaviors

- Taking care of mommy

- Evaluating where you breastfeed and how you sleep

- Discussing support systems

- Exercise and nutrition

- Returning to work

- Pumping

Because we are Registered Nurses as well as Lactation Consultants, we are able to help you with any of 

your in-home questions or concerns related to postpartum, or we can direct you for further assistance.

Cost: $270

(appointments are typically 1-2 hours in length)

Quick Care In Home or FaceTime Package!

At times a family doesn't need a full feeding assessment, but wants to discuss other issues related to breastfeeding in the comfort of their own home. This one time visit is designed to discuss topics such as pumping needs, mastitis, recurring plugged ducts, newborn food allergies, and recurring yeast infection for example. We would be happy to discuss this over the phone with you to determine if this might be the best option. Others may prefer a 30 minute FaceTime visit instead of an in home visit. 

Cost: $75 for Quick Care In Home Visit (this does not include a pre/post weight and is typically a 30-45 minute visit)

$25 for 30 minute FaceTime Visit

(After speaking with you the LC may determine that these options are not the best for you and that we cannot ensure that a 

full assessment may not be warranted.)


Free email, text or phone call with our lactation consultants about what visit may be best for you!

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I would be happy to speak to professional meetings, mommy's groups, support groups, and multiples groups.  

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