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In-home breastfeeding assessment with a board certified consultant

Our Reviews for breastfeeding care

 I personally credit the help that Kathy gave me with my first son for all of my success in breastfeeding. When our doctor told me it was time for formula in a bottle due to jaundice issues at home, I turned to her in tears. She offered me a kind shoulder, gentle advice, and helped me find the strength in myself to know I could help my baby. She was instrumental in my breastfeeding my preterm baby in the NICU years later. And she helped me for several months after my third child was born and I was dealing with the effects of a hemorrhage and infection. All along the way she has been a wealth of knowledge, patience, and support. She is absolutely the best of the best.
~ Crystal  


I met Kathy when I delivered my first baby in 2012. I went weekly to breastfeeding support group where she encouraged me when I was in tears because my baby wasn't growing. My pediatrician told me to switch to formula. Kathy encouraged me and supported my decision to continue to breastfeed despite the doctors orders.  I switched doctors and refused to quit breastfeeding. My first is still petite but she is on her own growth curve and our new doctor is not concerned.  Kathy was also there when I delivered my second baby in 2016. She again showed me how to make sure she was latching properly and taking in good swallows (things you forget in 4 years). I couldn't have been successful without Kathy! Thank you!!

~ Christina


I met Kathy over six years ago when my son was born with a cleft palate. Kathy is one of the kindest, calmest, most knowledgeable people I have ever met. The first time we went to the pediatrician after my son was born, the doctor said to expect at least one ear infection per month and that he almost always diagnoses kids with cleft palates as failure to thrive by 9 months. With Kathy's help, I was able to exclusively pump for him for 16 months. He has had 3 ear infections in his entire life and weighed 23 lbs at his one year appointment. The doctor was blown away (and so was I!) I never could have accomplished this without Kathy.  Later she helped me with my two younger daughters as well, diagnosing dairy intolerances with both of them. I was able to breastfeed them until toddlerhood.  I have recommended to all my friends who have babies to see Kathy for any breastfeeding help they need ever since we met 6 years ago. She is amazing!

~ Beth

Miranda met with us right away. She did an amazing job answering my questions and concerns and showing us how to properly latch. She gave us such great information and because of this my baby and I go off to a great start breastfeeding. I am so thankful we didn't have to struggle and so grateful for her clear and helpful information and helping me feel confident from the start. What a gift!
~ Miranda l.


Miranda, thank you for all the guidance you gave about breastfeeding. You spent so much time with me and helped feel more confident. Thank you for all your help!

~ Whitney